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Student Drop-Off & Pick Up


  • Parents/Guardians, 


    Dropping your child off in the morning or picking them up in the afternoon can be a difficult task. To ease the traffic congestion, we ask that you follow a few simple rules:


    1. Please pull as far forward as you can to drop off your child. Stopping at the corner causes traffic to back up. 
    2. Have your child use the sidewalk and crosswalk when moving to or from your car. Please do not have children walk through the parking lot. 
    3. Be patient. 
    4. Know that school busses have the right-of-way when entering and exiting the area. 
    5. Respect the property of our neighbors by not walking on their lawns. 
    6. Please observe all traffic signs. 


    Note: To avoid the congestion, some parents find it more convenient to drop off their children on 25th Street Road, letting them walk one or two blocks onto the Brentwood property.